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    SteelConsult International is an independent consulting firm, entirely dedicated to the carbon steel sector.
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    We serve clients in the iron ore, metallurgical coal and steel industries and markets around the world.
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    SteelConsult provides services in strategic consulting, market research, economical analysis and training and workshops.
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    We have extensive experience in the markets for all main steel and related products, covering steelmaking raw materials, semis, sheet, longs and plate.
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    Our clients include Global Top-5 players in the steel, iron ore and coal industries.
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EU studies

This multi-client study provides deep insight into the seaborne market for iron ore and metallurgical coal in the EU. Our research is based on a bottom up analysis of the full material flow and raw materials practices of each EU integrated mill consuming seaborne iron ore and coal, combined with a forecast of the future development of the EU steel market and industry (incl. expected further plant closures and transfer of their market shares to winning plants) until 2030. In total, 24 integrated iron & steel plants are included in the analysis, covering the main part of the EU integrated industry and the full seaborne market for raw materials in the EU.

Key questions addressed in this study

• How much ore (sinter feed, pellets, lump) and coal (coking, PCI) do EU mills consume?
• What is the outlook for sales of finished products and production of crude steel
and hot metal by EU integrated steel mills?
• Which plants are expected to close and who will take over their business volumes?
• What are the bottlenecks in EU steel mill operations, and which investments are made?
• What are the long term trends in consumption of raw materials by the various plants?
• Based on all the above, what are the iron ore and coal requirements of each plant until 2030?

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Multi-client studies available now:

EU studies


Our expertise covers:
Iron ore: fines, lump, pellets and sinter
Coal and coke
Scrap, pig iron and DRI/HBI
Slab, billet and bloom
HR sheet

Reversing mill plate
CR sheet
Electrical sheet
Galvanized sheet
Organic Coated Sheet
Beams, sections and structurals
Merchant bars and angles
Mesh and drawing quality
Wire rod

Welded and seamless
Slag and other by-products
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