ZincMagnesium Coated Sheet in the EU:
Niche Product or Mainstream Market?

ZincMagnesium coated sheet is one of the fastest growing markets in steel and includes branded products such as MagiZinc, StronSal, ZM EcoProtect, ZM PrimeProtect, Magnelis, Zagnelis, ZM Evolution, Corrender, Zinkomag and WZM.

Already, ZnMg coated sheet is manufactured on 19 different HDG lines across Europe, incl. 10 with automotive sheet capability.

This new study by SteelConsult International addresses demand and supply trends for ZnMg coated sheet in Europe, incl. the following questions:

  • How large is the market and in which applications is the product used?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages as perceived by end-users?
  • What are trends and how fast may the use of ZnMg coated sheet grow in automotive, OCS for Building Envelope, other construction segments, and other industrial sectors?
  • What products exist and what are EU mills’ production and development activities?
  • What will be the impact on conventional hot dipped zinc galvanized sheet?
  • What are the risks for mills who do not produce ZnMg coated sheet? Will ZnMg coated sheet be limited to a niche product, or could it become a mainstream market in the future?

The report includes statistics for actual consumption (2007-2018) and forecasts for 2019-2030. This study is a must for everybody with an interest in galvanized steel, incl. steel producers, zinc suppliers, traders, distributors, batch galvanizers and users of steel in the automotive, construction and other industrial sectors. The analysis and data are summarized in a concise, easy to digest 115 slide report, and a statistical appendix.

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